Monday, September 30, 2013

Winter Outfit for my girl

It's getting chilly! Call me crazy, but I'm in winter mode already! Yesterday we had our first hot coco movie afternoon with Harry Potter, YAY!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE WARM WEATHER! But Winter has it's charms. I'm nuts about Christmas, the cozy nights on the sofa with a hot cup of tea and a biscuit, the snow and ice... aaaah love it! What I hate is the cold rain and the freezing wind.

I made a winter outfit for my girl. She got new boots, Timberlands (bargain on eBay!!). But the boots close at the top with Velcro and it bothered her walking. So I thought a boot cuff will solve that problem. I had made her the Chevron hat and she absolutely loves it. So I made her matching boot cuffs, nothing fancy, straight on HDC's all around. I put a flower on it and some fork pompoms. It looked cute! (Free pattern at the bottom of this post)

But my lovely daughter wanted mittens to go with it as well. So I made her mittens.

And by then I figured, if I would make her a little skirt, she could wear the whole outfit with some nice knitted white leggings and a lovely top in the winter.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Last week, Next week

Kevin the Minion

This is going to be a quick post! I'm so busy with everything and every one, I must remember to slow down! So less talk, loads of pics!

So I updated the Kevin the Minion hat pattern to include 9 sizes! Loooooads of work, but I think it was a good thing!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the ole oak tree

I made this beautiful little tree last spring. I didn't intend to make this tree, I wanted an apple tree! I saw this cute pattern of an apple on the blog of  PlanetJune. I was in love, they were so cute. So I made a bunch of apples, with different kind of yarn. The smallest one, I made with embroidery yarn and it was so cute! So I had this idea of an apple tree in my window full of little red apples.

I was thinking of using real branches. But it just didn't look right, so my branches turned into my Spring Tree.

I went online in search of a tree pattern. I saw loads of beautiful, funny trees. But nothing really what I had in mind. So I took out my crochet needle, brown fingering yarn and started to crochet. I really didn't know what was coming out in the end, I just pictured the tree in my head and just added row after row. Thank god, I typed along with what I was doing, this is something I sometimes forget and regret big time!

When I finished the tree and the first branches, I was thrilled. This was it! So I added some branches and weaved in the ends. But it was a bare tree. How am I going to do the leaves? Online you see a

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Autumn has started...

saying sadly goodbye to summer as today was day full of rain and wind.

But I was not ready yet to say goodbye, so I made this beautiful Sunflower

Monday, September 9, 2013

Puff Stitch Beret and Arm Warmers Plus Size

In addition to my Pop Corn Stitch hat, I wanted to try out the Puff Stitch. I think it really turned out nice!

I added some arm warmers to the pattern. I don't have slim arms and most patterns I found were not the right fit for me. If I added more rows then the hand part would be too wide. So I worked it out for myself.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Aquarium Garden

I've been given these 3 glass aquariums a few weeks ago. The woman wanted to get rid of them and I wanted to have some fish for the kids. So I had 2 aquariums standing in the shed, not sure what to do with them.

So I got this brilliant idea from Pinterest, off course, and I wanted to create a mini garden in my kitchen window. That was my project for today. I went to the garden shop, bought loads of mini plants and succulents and a big bag (25kg) of stones. I also bought some tiny little knickknacks, a little birdcage and a tinytiny Buddha.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Popcorn Stitch Slouch Hat... finished!

Yay! Next to my smurf hat, I finished my Popcorn Stitch Slouch Hat! And I love it!!!

I have written about it before. I started this project as a hat for myself. I got a new haircut, short on one side and long on the other side, I just absolutely love it! But all my hats from last winter don’t have the Oh La La factor now with my new haircut, so I needed something else! I was always curious in how to work a stitch like the popcorn stitch or the bobble stitch in a hat. It took me awhile to figure out how to get a nice circular shape instead of a haxagon or a what-a-gon. I think I had to start over at least 12 times, before I had a nice shape.

There is probably an easier way, but hey.. I’m stubborn.. I wanted to figure it out myself! And I learned a lot!

The pattern includes 4 sizes A baby beanie and a toddler beanie, I don’t like the look of slouch hats on babies and young children. And a Child/Teen and Adult size.

The Smurfs are here!

You see the little buggers everywhere! And my little girl loves all that is tiny and cute and funny, so she adores the smurfs.

So a new cool hot thing is out and it fits right into my hat making range! I just couldn't let it go. I wanted to know if I could make it. The white hat is tricky, it's not just a pointy hat that slouches to the front. It's easy enough to draw something like that, but to actually make it??? pfffff.... it took me a few tries before I had the perfect slouch. I'm really happy with it!