Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Aquarium Garden

I've been given these 3 glass aquariums a few weeks ago. The woman wanted to get rid of them and I wanted to have some fish for the kids. So I had 2 aquariums standing in the shed, not sure what to do with them.

So I got this brilliant idea from Pinterest, off course, and I wanted to create a mini garden in my kitchen window. That was my project for today. I went to the garden shop, bought loads of mini plants and succulents and a big bag (25kg) of stones. I also bought some tiny little knickknacks, a little birdcage and a tinytiny Buddha.

The aquarium is a big one, 80cmx30x40. So I cleaned it first with water and vinegar. It has been used as an aquarium, so there was a lot of limescale residue. But with some elbow grease, I got it clean.

I placed the aquarium in the kitchen window, because I wouldn't be able to lift it after it was filled.

These are all the lovely little plants I bought! They are so pretty!

After that I washed the big bag of stones, to get all the sand and dirt of them.

I filled the Aquarium with about 8-10 cm of stones. This way all the extra water can drain down.

On top of the stones a 8-10cm layer of potting soil mixed with sand.
I first positioned the big plants to find the perfect layout. Once I was happy, I took them out of their plastic containers and planted them in the soil. In between the big plants, I planted the smaller plants. And then added the big stones, the pink path, the birdcage and Buddha. 

Now all I need is a little fairy to come and live in my fairy garden!

xoxoxo Patricia

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