Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Let's make our own Zombie Apocalypse!!!

My 4 yr old boy loves his zombies!! Not the scary zombies in Walking Dead or World War Z.. but the Plants vs Zombies - Zombies! He refuses to wear his Minion hat, Turbo hat, Smurf hat or any of his other 20+ hats he has in his collection. He still wears his summercap, his old man's hat I bought for him 2 yrs ago.

He never leaves the house without a hat and he gets really upset if other kids take his hat away. He's a cutey!

I washed his favorite hat, R2D2, from last winter too hot and had to bin it. So he is waiting for me to make this years IT hat.

I had this beautiful color in my big stash of Drops Nepal Yarn. A beautiful Grey Green. The perfect green Zombie color!

I was in the zone making this hat, everything fell in place while working on it. I LOVE it when that happens. Sometimes you have this idea in your head and it just doesn't happen with your hands. You're failing constantly and frustrations run high. And it takes a lot of work and will power to see it through. Most of the time, it will end up in my "One Day..." box.

But sometimes you have this idea in your head and it just flows out of your hands. This was one of them, no need perfecting it, no need to make it over and over again just to make sure it's correct. Happy Bliss!

The boy loves it! But is still not wearing it. He loves it on display and loves to watch it. Last night we had the first night frost, so it will be time to wash and hide his summerhat and give him no choice! Except the choise what WINTER hat to wear!

You can buy the pattern in any of my shops here:
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Hope you like it!


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