Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Free Pattern!!! The Pukado Cowl

Free Pattern!! Yay!

I received a request to make a cowl for a little girl, who refuses to wear hats, no matter how cold it is. So the mam hoped a cowl would do the trick coming winter. I have made a cowl before with my Starry Starry Night hat and promised it to be a free pattern.

But my head was just brimming with ideas I had to get out first, before I could start on this project.

I love a cowl, it keeps you nice and warm!

For the little girl, I will add some nice little ears, so she will be a warm little bear (or cat or what ever animal you want to make basically). You can also add a ribbon, so you're able to adjust the size. This would be handy with little kids, that way you can make sure it stays put!

This cowl I made with HDC's, but you can use any stitch you like basically. It's all about the calculations!!

The cowl itself is easy enough. Only 3 stitches are used, the SLST (slipstitch), CH (chain) and HDC (half double crochet). The HDC is worked in between the HDC's of the previous round, not in the stitch.


As this cowl is made with measurements, you can use any hook and any yarn you prefer.

However, the hook you use should be 2 sizes bigger than the hook you normally use with the yarn you choose. It has to be loose. If the cowl is too stiff it will not be comfortable to wear.

I normally use the 5mm with Drops Nepal, but for this cowl I used the 7mm.

Tape Measurer


I used for the cowl in the picture:
Drops Nepal, Yarn thickness group C, 50 gr = 82 yds, 10wpi
With the 7mm hook: HDC 10x10cm (4”x4”) = 9st x 10 rows

For the child size cowl as pictured:
3 skeins of the main color.
A different color for the edging.

Yarn needle to weave in ends
Stitches used:
CH - Chain
SLST - Slip stitch
HDC - Half Double Crochet

Please note: Hat and cowl are made for Child 2-5 yrs, I used an adult head model, so the cowl is a too small for the head. It should be a bit bigger for this head.

The easiest way to calculate the width of the cowl, is by taking the measurements.
I came up with this drawing to explain it:

The formula for the width is:

(Green + Blue divided by 2) + 5(up to 10 if you like your cowl to be bigger) = beginning Chain

The length is the orange number. Add rows until you reach the orange number.

For the width of the Cowl in the picture, I received the following measurements:

Blue: 23 cm
Green: 25 cm
Orange: 35 cm

(23 cm + 25 cm divided by 2 =) 24 cm + 5 cm = 29 cm

I take the average of Blue and Green = 24 cm + (5 cm-10 cm), to give it a bit more space, depends how you would like it to fit. I use the extra 5 cm for this pattern.

For the length of the cowl I take the Orange number. Just add rows until you reach this number.


With my gauge I need to convert 29 cm to 9 stitches per 10 cm. If you use a different gauge, please adjust the calculations.
29 divided by 10 cm = 2.9
2.9 times 9 stitches (see gauge above 10 cm=9st) = 26 stitches

26 stitches times 2 (to make the round) = 52 stitches

Are you still with me?

Work in the round, use stitch markers if needed.

Important: Work your HDC’s in the bottom of previous stitch, not just in the stitch on top of the previous round. I call this the “Space” in this pattern.

Picture used from my Double Up Hat Pattern
Chain 52st, join with SLST to first CH, HDC in each space until you reach the desire length. In my case, 33 rows plus 2 edging rows. (As my gauge is 10 cm is 10 rows, so 35 cm is 35 rows). As you work in the round, once you have reached the desired length, add SC in the next 2 stitches too flatten the jump and then SLST and join with an invisible join.

You can choose whatever edging you would like. I used a row of HDC and a row of HDC (worked in top the HDC of the last main color HDC row), similar to the Double Up stitch I used in the Double Up Hat.

Copyright Patricia Stuart 2013 ©. You are free to create from the pattern and sell the creations. Please do not give away or sell the pattern as your own.

Have fun! Hope to see loads of pictures from you with your finished cowls!



  1. Hello Patricia!
    I'm the editor of AllFreeCrochet.com and just love this pattern. I know our readers would love it, too. I would love to post a link to your project with full credit to you. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me at kayleepope.primecp@gmail.com
    Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Kaylee! Wauw, Thank you! I have emailed you. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. When I first saw this pattern I thought it was a crocheted hijab :-). I have family & friends who are Muslim and this would be a great gift for them for winter I think. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the best way to actually attach the hat part & cowl together so that it would be put on as one unit?

    1. That's a great idea! I would fit the cowl on the hat where desired and Surface slipstitch it to the hat.

      I would attach the cowl on top of your head opposite of your chin. Hahaha this sounds weird. Say your head silhoutte is a clock. The top of the head is 12 o'clock and the neck is at 6. Your chin is at 7 then the top of the cowl should be in between 1 and 2.

      Let me know if this is clear. I can make a drawing if needed!!

      Do not pull the stitches too tight, maybe use a bigger hook to do it, otherwise it will be too noticable. So if you put the hat on the cowl will fall naturally around the neck.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Awesome! Thank you so much for your reply :-). I am actually working on this set for my niece now (which is why I'm here hehehe). I had made a few things for her new baby sister & she's trying to steal her caps lol. I'm going to try this with the attachment as well as adding a flower. If it turns out worth sharing I'll post a pic on Ravelry :-)

  4. Hi! I'm muslim and I want to use this with the hat as a hijab (like an amira hijab). I love this pattern and thank you so much for sharing. I will try it out now. I was wondering can it be made starting from the bottom wide and working the way up to less wide so it won't fall of head? I don't know how to explain this but the amira hijab has a form that's more wide on the bottom. Anyway, I'll try it your way first. But if you have any suggestions to make it wider on the bottom my email is beauty00956@yahoo.com .

    1. Hi, yes you should be able to make it wider. I would start at the top using the calculations, this way you know it will fit and half way through I would increase a bit every row. Increases are prettier then decreases IMO. Let me know how you get on!