Friday, August 30, 2013

In the beginning... the evolvement of me..

I thought myself a year ago how to crochet. I used Youtube. I used the US terms for crochet to teach myself. Started with really simple patterns and just hooked all day. My first pattern I tried was an Angry Bird Hat pattern from Crochetgeek

My boy loved it and I was really pleased with myself! Made a few more hats, worked out a standard hat pattern that worked for me, added ear flaps, started to experiment with different stitches, etc. My work evolved. So I'm happily working away, designing new hats, experimenting with shapes, figuring out what has the best results. But now that my patterns are getting attention from other crocheters and the fact that I'm Dutch, I get a lot of requests to translate my patterns in Dutch. I was a bit reluctant, and for a good reason!

I just finished translating my first pattern in Dutch, the arm warmers Lacey Butterfly. And to be honest, the Dutch sounds/reads/works awful! It has so many more words to describe stitches. It's just not pretty... I like my rows neat and clear, but in Dutch it's a mess. Or maybe it's my crochetDutch that is a mess. I don't know?? I normally don't work Dutch patterns, because I have no clue what they mean (I should try it now, because I learned a few CrochetDutch words).

So you can get the Dutch version of Arm Warmers Lacey Butterfly here.

Please, Dutch Crocheters, let me know what you think of it. I would love comments and feedback. 


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