Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 - October Square - Free Pattern

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 - October Square by Pukado

Happy 1st of October! 10 months already, can you believe it?? So I should have 80 squares soon, but I’m a bit behind :( still need to 6 squares from September and 6 squares for October. I will get it done before the month is over!!!

2014-09-29 11.43.37.jpgBut I have been so busy this month, it just didn’t happen. As some of you know, I have an autistic boy at home. That’s why I’m a stay at home mam and how I came to be a crochet addict. In his little autistic world, he can’t go outside without a hat on. In summer he has his caps and his paddy cap. And in winter he has his warm earflap hats. It all started with the angry bird hat I made him 2 years ago. No clue how to crochet, but determined to make my boy happy and give him an angry birds hat. And he was happy. My boy loves his videogames, angry birds, PVZ, Minecraft, Pokemons, Pacman, etc. And to make something for him, gives me so much joy, it’s like a drug to me!

I made him a Pikachu Hat and he loved it so much, he hasn’t taken it off since (except in the bath). He will tell me what kind of hat he wants and I try to make it. He has requested several other pokemon hats since then, but I have other stuff to create as well hahaha

But I was busy this month for him, a hospital visits (to get his tonsils out), lots of appointments, lots of talks and trying to find the best school for him. And to keep my mind occupied at night, I create new designs. Repeat designs are not good for relaxing in my case, I need a challenge. So I made a lot of patterns this month. I’m especially proud of my V-Licious hat and my P2P shawl (pattern is at the tester!)

P2P                        V-Licious

So that’s why I’m a bit behind, but nothing a couple of evenings can’t solve.

So on to October. Again, I used stylecraft DK and hook size 4.5mm for my mood blanket.

For the multi colored one I used Catania cotton and hook size 3.5mm.

In the photo’s I will not fasten off after every color change, as I’m making my squares in solid color and only use the multi colored one for the pattern to show you how it looks. So excuse the ends :)

R1, MC, 12DC in MC - 12st

The following row will be split in 2 if you are using more than 1 color.

If you’re using only 1 color, please follow:

R2, *CH3, SC in sec CH from hook, SC in last CH, SLST in same st, SLST in next st, CH3, DC3Cluster, CH3, SLST in same st, SLST in next st* repeat around, SLST to first CH of CH3
SLST twice up to the top of the first CH3 to start R3

If you’re using multiple colors, please follow:

2A, SLST to random st, *CH3, DC3Cluster, CH3, SLST in same st, SC in next st* repeat around, SLST to first SLST

2B, SLST in between flower petals in stitch of R1, *CH3, SC in sec CH from hook, SC in last CH, SLST in same st, CH3 (behind flower petal, fold petal forward for easy access), SLST in next st of R1 in between flower petals* repeat around, SLST to first SLST

Fasten off and start R3 on top of the first CH3 with new color.

R3, *CH3, SLST on top of next petal, CH3, SLST on top of CH3* repeat around, SLST to first CH3, do not fasten off to change color

R4, SLST in first CH3Space, CH1, 3SC in same CH3Space, *4SC in next CH3Space* repeat around, SLST to first SLST

R5, CH2, FPHDC in next 2st, BPHDC in next st, CH2, *BPHDC in next st, FPHDC in next 2st, BPHDC in next st, CH2* repeat around

R6, (If working in 1 color: R5 ended just in front of the first CH2Space on the side, so that’s where I pick up again, by starting in the last CH2 you made. If working with a new color: SLST to random CH2Space), 3DC in CH2Space, 6DC in next CH2Space, *(6DC, CH2, 6DC) in neaxt CH2Space, 6DC in next 2 CH2Spaces* repeat around, last series you will add 3DC to first CH2Space to complete the series. Do not fasten off, you will continue R7 in same color.

R7, *CH3, SC on top of the next shell, CH3, SC on top of the next shell, CH3, SLST in corner CH2Space, CH3, SLST in same corner space, CH3, SC on top of the next shell, CH3, SC on top of next shell* repeat around

R8, SLST into next CH3Space, CH2, 3HDC in same CH3Space, *4HDC in each of next CH3Spaces until you reach a corner, 2HDC, CH2, 2HDC in corner space* repeat all around, SLST to first HDC.

Fasten off with invisible join, weave in all ends.

Copyright Patricia Stuart 2014 ©.
You are free to create from the pattern and sell the creations.
Please do not copy, rewrite, resell or distribute as your own, this is prohibited.
Please give credit to my blog or Ravelry shop for the pattern and if you sell finished items online,
please provide a link to my blog or ravelry for the pattern.
Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. What a lovely square, thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice day

  2. This is a very very pretty square, the color combination adds to that. Thank you for sharing with us, I will be making this for a much loved one.

  3. A very beautiful granny square, Iove the colors!

  4. What is the yarn weight and type used in these pictures? Love the colors! So very pretty.

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you, I used Catania Cotton, a finger weight cotton and hook size 3.5mm

    2. What color Catania did you use? I want to make a blanket for my daughter and your color choices are lovely :)

    3. I have posted a Catania Colour chart in my November post. :)

  5. Truly a wonderful "happy little square". Thank you for the good photo tutorial :)
    Happy hooking, Mary aka yaya

  6. Love this square and your choice of colours, will have to give it a go. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  7. Stunning! Thank u for sharing this gorgeous square!

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  9. I love it! By any chance do you have a tutorial?

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