Friday, December 6, 2013

Granny with no name... Free Pattern!!

Help, my granny has no name!

I was just playing around today, after a week full of &^%$£ I was in no mood to do anything.

Yes, I need to make a gazillion Christmas decorations for my tree, that is going up this weekend. It's going to be a bare tree, with my few crochet Christmas baubles and few felt hearts. But no, I was in no mood to make Christmas decorations. I already finished a hat yesterday (the pretty little baby Triple S hat, I will show you on my blog very soon). So no, in no mood to make another hat from a pattern. All my Simpson's Tapped Out characters were hard at work (another addiction), no work for me there. Kids were in school, dishwasher and washing machine were running, freezing cold outside and I was just staring outside watching the hail, the wind and grey clouds go by. I love winter, but I wanted it freezing cold, no wind and no rain/hail. Not this Dutch weather, where plus 10C feels like minus 10C!!!

So I made myself a nice cup of tea, treated myself to some Browny Bites from M&S and sat down at my desk (now in the living room, where it's nice and warm). Christmas songs playing on the radio (still waiting for "Fairytale in New York" to air, grmbl). I was tinkering with a new stitch for a hat. There are so many pretty afghan stitches just waiting to be turned into hat stitches!!  (Let me know if there is a stitch out there, you would love to see worked in the round!) I am peculiar when it comes to hat stitches.

I made my MC with lovely Drops Nepal, a 4mm hook instead of my normal and a dozen DC's. I played around with some color changes, DCtogs and chains and at R4 I was surprised! Not a hat stitch, but a nice start for a Granny just appeared in my hands! I turned the circle into a square and loved it! So I made another one, just to see if the pattern I worked in my head could be repeated. I changed the colors around and yay, another Granny! With the third one, I finally grabbed my camera and laptop and started shooting pictures and writing the pattern down.

So here is the pattern


Drops Nepal in various colors
Hook needle 4mm
Yarn needle to weave in ends

Start with Color A

R1, CH2 in MC, 11DC in MC, SLST to first DC - 12st

R2, CH2, DC in same st, CH1, *DC2tog in next st, CH1* repeat all around - 24st

R3, CH2, DC in same st, DC in next 2st, *2DC in next st, DC in next 2st* repeat all around - 32st

R4, CH2, DC in same st, CH2, 2DC in same st, HDC in next 2st, SC in next 3st, HDC in next 2st, *(2DC, CH2, DC2) in next st, HDC in next 2st, SC in next 3st, HDC in next 2st* repeat 2 more times. join with invisible join -52st

Color B

R5, Go back to beginning of R2, fold R2 over and work along the back of R2. SLST on the left side of the DCtog, CH3, *DC to the left side of the next DCtog, CH1* repeat all around, fasten off. - 24st

Color C

R6, SLST from the front around DC from R5, CH2, 3DC around R5DC, *4DC around next R5DC* repeat all around, fasten off with invisible join - 48st

Pattern in pictures, I added R4 at the end, but it doesn't really matter when you add R4:

Enjoy! xoxoxo

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