Saturday, December 7, 2013

99c Patterns

Some patterns are free, some patterns you have to pay. That's the way it is.
I started out with selling patterns. I needed the income to pay for my yarn addiction! And now that I'm doing ok (not ok, like hubby stop working now, I'll support you.. Ok as in, I can buy myself a nice box of yarn every now and then...) I have been publishing some of my patterns for free. And yes, my free patterns perform waaaay better hahaha.

But I just can't publish all of my patterns for free, some hats will take me weeks to get the pattern right. And yes, sometimes even then, when I think they are perfect, there will be a little mistake (patternblindness). I have my little group of crazy crochet ladies, who test and read patterns for me (you know who you are, *bow* very grateful, xxx).

But some patterns are not like the big patterns, such as my Minion, Turbo, Smurf, Ponies,etc etc. So I decided to create my 99c (that's eurocent! $1.40 converted, still have to pay my fees!!) category. So a lot of my patterns will go in to that category! Yay!

I started out with my Triple S Beanie. I will lower the price of more items in my shops! And a lot of cool new patterns coming up!

So hope to see you there!
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