Sunday, August 24, 2014

On a different note: Diet and recipes!

I'm on a diet... Yes, I really need to! I tried all of the diets and pills, packs and wraps, teas and detoxes over the years!

Before I met my hubby and got married and had children, I had found the way! I was good with food, 3 times a week in the gym and even though it was an every day battle, I was proud of myself for keeping it up and I felt fabulous!!!

Then I met my hubby, moved countries, started a new life and my strict regime of going to the gym was gone. First of all, when we started out in Ireland, the gym was just way to expensive to join. And the food and drink! OMG!!!

And then I had children.. 2 in 2 years, One in 2008 and 15 months later the second one in 2009. And on top of that, I had loads of medical problems, from gallbladder disease to carpal tunnel (plus tennis arms, trigger fingers, etc). So again no gym and food was comforting me.

I loved baking! I baked everything for every one. The girls in the crèche were really happy with me, because at least once a month I would bake them something and drop it off with the kids. A nice cheesecake or lovely banana bread.

But now I'm 38 and it's getting in the way. I need more energy to keep up with my children.

Also, me and the girls are planning a wild weekend away for our 40th birthday in 2 years! So I need to look fabulous for that!!! I don't need to be a size zero and it doesn't have to be done in 6 weeks.

I did the 6 weeks crash dieting and all it did was let me feel good for a week and before you knew it, it was back on... with a vengeance!!! The well known JO JO effect. I have been up and down and up and down so many times, I lost count.

So I'm trying something new now...

I don't need to lose 5 kilos in a week. I don't need to lose 20 kilos in 6 weeks. What I want is to lose a kilo a week. What I want is, to go nice and slow. Change my eating habits, change my lifestyle.

So I started 3 weeks ago. I decided to eat what I want to eat. If I make it nice and yummy, it will be easier! Right? But just smaller portions.
I haven't had a meal on a normal dinner plate in 3 weeks. I use a small plate.
I cut out potatoes, pasta and bread (well almost all bread, I love bread!) and mostly eat cooked white rice.
I eat loads of fruit and veggies. I have never ate so many avocados in my life hahaha, but I love avocados!
I can't seem to give up on meat and fish. I love my meat and fish. So instead of punishing myself by denying myself meat or fish, I made it my main part of dinner. Meat with veggies and rice.

Shrimp Quacamole with waldkorn crackers and green tea
I start in the morning with a shake. Just a normal standard diet shake, you can get at any store. It doesn't have to have special things. It just needs to fill me up in the morning. I mix it with skinny milk and drink it in one go.
At lunch, I eat 2 crackers with meat (grilled chicken, roast beef, salami, ham. I'm trying to avoid fatty meats) and loads of fruit or veggies.
And for dinner I eat meat, veggies and rice or grilled chicken with an avocado or shrimp guacamole or a salad stuffed with nice healthy things.

And I drink one glass of water every hour! I set the timer on my phone for an hour and every time it goes, I drink! Except after 8 at night, otherwise I will be up all night peeing and not sleeping!
I don't drink anything else, no fizzy drinks. Just a cup of tea.

With all this, I don't have the urge to snack. Yes, sometimes I miss chocolate... a lot!

With this I lost 4 kilos now and it's going down every time I get on the scale! Nice and slow and with yummy food and loads of water.

But the kids miss my baking. Mammie, please make some cupcakes/cookies/whatever! Especially on the weekends. Trying to explain that I'm on a diet is not working... and for that matter, I don't want to burden my kids with the fact that I'm not happy with my body. I want them to be happy in their body and not worry about these things.

So I'm trying to find recipes I can make, that are low in fat and sugar! And yes, there are many recipes. But you need special this and special that. I don't want to go through all that trouble!

My girl asked for banana bread today. And normally I make it with 190 gr butter and 170 gr of sugar. That's too much! So no... the look on her face was heartbreaking hahaha! So I made it happen! I made her a banana bread without butter and sugar!

And she ate 2 pieces and loved it! And I had a nice piece as well!! Woohooooo

Here is the recipe:

Pre heat oven at 140C

I use my kitchen machine with blades and not mixer.

5 ripe bananas (350-400 grams)
3 large eggs
180 gr cottage cheese (quark)
180 gr self raising flour
15 gr of Honey
2 little bags of vanilla sugar or teaspoon of vanilla extract

Mix all of this for a couple of minutes in the machine

Cut up 2 bananas in 1 cm chunks
Handful of Chocolate chips (I use 70% chocolate)

With spoon mix bananas and chocolate chips through mixture

With a brush and a tiny bit of butter, grease your pan. Pour in some fine  breadcrumbs and shake it until you have covered the whole inside of the pan.

Pour in mixture and put in the oven for 45 minutes! Leave to cool for a bit and eat!



  1. I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts, discovered your blog through bloglovin. I read an interesting article last year on drinking water. It stated that the time of day you drink water is also important. For instance a glass of water first thing in the morning does your body more good that any other water you drink during the day. It flushes out toxins and provides oxygen to your organs and gives you a boost even before breakfast. A glass of water before meals also helps your stomach feel full after you have a small meal so that you don't continue feeling hungry. Cutting out starches, which you have done and too much sugar is very important.

    1. Hi! Yes water and timing is important, I have 4 big glasses of water I have to drink every day. The first one is when I get up out of bed and I drink it warm (not boiling, just warm tapwater) and the other three are before every meal, they are cold tapwater. And a glass of water during the day, either on my timer or whenever I walk to the kitchen.