Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Crochet Mood Blanket 2014 - June Square - by Pukado Free Pattern

End of the month again, I’m up to date with my blanket! And whipped up a new square to make in June. It’s a flowery one again and a bit more open. Made again with Stylecraft acrylic yarn and hook size 4.5mm


But for the pattern I will be doing it a bit different. This square would be lovely with multiple colors, therefore I will be making the pictures of this pattern with vibrant colors from Phildar Phil No4 and hook size 3.5mm. Just to show you how pretty it can be with multiple colors.

I will join each row with an invisible join and weave in the ends.


R1, MC, 12DC in MC - 12st

R2, *PopCorn stitch, CH1* in each st around - 24st

***Pop Corn Stitch -
4DC in same st, drop loop, insert hook in the first DC, grab loop and pull through first DC***

R3, *{DC, TRDown, DC cluster}, CH2* in each CH1Space - 12 CH2Spaces

***TRDown is a Triple Crochet around the post of DC of R1***



R4, *(4HDC, CH1) in next CH2Space, (5HDC, CH2) in next CH2Space, (5DC, CH1) in next CH2Space* repeat around

R5, (R4 ended in the first  CH1Space onthe side, so that’s where I pick up again), 3DC in CH1Space, 6DC in next CH1Space, *(6DC, CH2, 6DC) in neaxt CH2Space, 6DC in next 2 CH1Spaces* repeat around, last series you will add 3DC to first CH1Space to complete the series. Do not fasten off, you will continue R6 in same color.


R6, *CH3, SC on top of the next shell, CH3, SC on top of the next shell, CH3, SLST in corner CH2Space, CH3, SLST in same corner space, CH3, SC on top of the next shell, CH3, SC on top of next shell* repeat around

R7, SLST into next CH3Space, CH2, 3HDC in same CH3Space, *4HDC in each of next CH3Spaces until you reach a corner, 2HDC, CH2, 2HDC in corner space* repeat all around, SLST to first HDC.

Fasten off with invisble join, weave in all ends.


Copyright Patricia Stuart 2014 ©.
You are free to create from the pattern and sell the creations.
Please do not copy, rewrite, resell or distribute as your own, this is prohibited.
Please give credit to my blog or Ravelry shop for the pattern and if you sell finished items online,
please provide a link to my blog or ravelry for the pattern.
Thank you for your understanding.

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  1. Beautiful square! Such lovely colors!

  2. I really enjoy these monthly mood squares. Thx

  3. I love the colors you use. Thank you for sharing. Mariana

  4. Could you Please email this pattern to me at When I try to print it there are add pics. on the right side of the page that block the printing. Or tell me where to get all the Mood squares to print. Thank you, Judy Crary

    1. Hi Judy, you can download the pdf file, there is a link to ravelry. Or you can go to ravelry and search for Patricia Stuart Designs. Hope this helps!

  5. Is het mogelijk van rij 3 een nederlandse vertaling te krijgen? Ik kom bij die niet uit wat re precies gedaan moet worden (hoe/waar de
    haak in te steken) ik vind het een super mooi patroon ♡

    1. Hoi Samantha, op de foto's eronder kan je precies zien wat je moet doen
      doen. Ik vind het erg moeilijk om het in het nederlands uit te leggen. Alle steken gaan in de CH1Space, behalve de TR die gaat om het stokje van R1 die er precies onder zit. En het is een cluster van steken, dus je laat de laatste lus van elke steek op je haaknaald.en bij de laatste haal je ze door 4 lussen heen. Ik hoop dat het zo duidelijk is :)

  6. What does MC stand for on Rw 1? Sorry I'm a beginner :)

    1. Hi Mike, MC stands for Magic Circle. You can find a good tutorial on YouTube. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  7. Very pretty square--I can see it as a baby or toddler blanket. Also good to use some of my leftover baby yarns for a play doll blanket as a gift for little girls. I had trouble printing directions and pictures--no matter what I tried the print preview showed the right hand portion of the directions and photos cut off. Finally gave up, printed what I could and filled in with handwritten directions. Some previews showed the ads printing on the right side obscuring directions.

    1. Hi Joice, you can download a pdf file, from ravelry, the link is in the first part of the post.

    2. Thank you so much-- I feel silly when I miss something which should be so obvious.--must admit thinking at age 82 doesn't work as well as it used to. I have found the page and successfully printed the pattern.

  8. Oh my goodness, this is so pretty. I really do plan to try this, not just pin it!!

  9. LOVE this square! Just wondering what the finished size of the square is with the hook that you used? Will be making a blanket and attempting to calculate the number of squares I need to make. Thanks!!

    1. Thank you, Michelle, the size with my gauge is in stylecraft dk 6" and with the cotton 5"

  10. Beautiful colors and pattern. Thank you for sharing.