Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tulips from Amsterdam - New Pattern!


I haven't posted in a while.. the winter blues had hit me hard and basically I couldn't find any energy to do whatsoever! Except crochet that is... always have energy for crochet.

I have so many ideas running around in my head, I just couldn't make a choice what to make and create. I was focussing on my Mood Blanket for a while and then it hit me. I must make it spring time!!! This will get my energy up! (oh and vitamin D! Helped a lot!)

What better way to say spring than some lovely tulips! Real ones die on me too quickly, so I crocheted myself  a lovely bunch of tulips! It gave me blue fingers, but they are so pretty!!! I'm so happy with them!

And then I thought, wouldn't it be supercute to have a pillow with lovely flowers on them. So I experimented with some stitches and tadaaaaa a lovely row of flowers appeared. I made the first one with Stylecraft DK and the second one with Phildar Phil Coton no 3.

It works up pretty quick and I can see lovely blankets, pillows and bags made with these. Not to forget lovely happy dishcloths and pot holders for in the kitchen!!!

And I had to make a hat off course. A summer hat! (I'm so done with hats at the moment, I can't even get a normal slouch hat finished!!!)

These are extra bonus patterns you get for free with the Tulips pattern.
With patterns for working in a row, working in the round and the hat!

You can get my Tulips from Amsterdam in my shops:

I'm a Craftsy Designer

And I leave you with the famous Dutch song: Tulpen uit Amsterdam:

(yes click the link and sing out loud!!!!)

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