Monday, January 20, 2014

So many things to do.. so little time!

Hello!! It has been a while again since I posted. So BUSY!!!

Love Hearts by Pukado

I have been working on my pattern a lot. As I said it was a frustrating process to get it to work. It was an even bigger pain to write it down so it makes sense! Sure I could write down the pattern how I made the hat. But my style of crochet is not like the majority. I crochet loose... very loose! That's why I need smaller needles to get the same effect as other crocheters. I write my patterns with my gauge in mind. Otherwise I can't write a pattern. But what I do with 5 stitches, somebody else does in 10 stitches. So to make a pattern that is suitable for every one, I had to make calculations and tables so it is easy for some one who buys my pattern to make a hat that fits perfectly. And therefore I had to make 2 hats with different gauge to proof my point.

Pulled a lot of hairs and the other half turned grey! But I did it! Pattern will be in my shops this week!

Crochet Your Mood Blanket 2014

Yesss I'm still going strong! I am up to date and changed the rules a bit in the last week. Instead of 1 granny square a week, I will be doing 2! Therefore my blanket will be at the end of the year 8 by 12 squares. And each square is 15cmx15cm (6"x6").  So with out a border the blanket will be 120cm by 180cm! Nice and big enough to cuddle up on the sofa on New Years Eve!

You know, I hate repeating stuff! So this blanket was going to be a challenge anyway. So to keep me interested I have come up with an idea! I will use a different Granny every month!

This Januari I'm using the Pukado Mood Granny. A free pattern I created for the Crochet Your Mood Blanket. You can find it here and here!

I have made 6 now in different Rainbow colors that reflected my mood

I am using this as a mood board.

The good and the bad thing is, that it only has positive moods on there. And No, my moods are not always positive. I have been missing Frustrated, Angry, Exhausted, Envious, Prickly and Bland. BUT, by using this mood board I will need to find the positive moods I was in that week to reflect in my blanket. So it's basically a Positive Mood Blanket! And if I really can't find a mood I will take the opposite from that mood and make it postivie!

So 2 more Grannies for Januari and one of my colors is leaning towards excited!!!

For the next 11 months I will need to design new Grannies. I want to keep the style the same, so I will be keeping the border. The centre of the Granny is where the change happens!

For Februari I have designed this Granny.

The centre is taken from my Granny with No Name (you can find the original here). I will be writing the pattern and taking step by step pictures this week and will post it here on the blog and on Ravelry.

These Grannies are beautiful with color changes every row. But for my mood blanket I decide to stick to one color!


I have been busy with making presents for people who are dear to me. I can't say much, just in case they are reading my ramblings here! But I promise you, next month I will post some pictures!

Spring time!!!

I know it's crazy, but my head is in Spring time lalaland already! I have these amazing ideas in my head and in my sketchbook and I'm just hoping they will come out of my hook and yarn amazing as well! Just waiting for my yarn and coton to come in!!

Yarn Addiction

Yes... I told myself I was going to save money. I need a new camera and preferable a good lighting box (I use a DIY transformed cardboard box now, it does what it needs to do, but would love a gooooood one). No more yarn, I said... Don't do it!! I lasted a week... and then my yarn addiction took over and I ordered the most amazing colors from @mycraftlife on Instagram.

Imagine all the crochet possibilities!!

And last but not least: My Personal Life

All is well, happy all the way.. but it will still keep you busy!! Darn you personal life!!!


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