Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Tree

I was feeling gloomy and doomy when I saw the snow fall after a nice spring weekend... NO SNOW AGAIN!!! I just need spring and summer.. I need energy, I need sunshine, I need vitamin D!
So I decided to brighten up my house and bring spring to me! Mohammed, mountain, mountain, Mohammed.. ykwim

Spring tree
Willow branches
elastic bands
Pieces of brightly colored fabric and ribbon
piece of coarse rope
glue gun
felt or little stones
flower pot
news paper and water

  • Arrange your willow branches to get a nice shape of a tree, use elastic bands to hold it in place, and cut to size, make sure not to cut too short. You want a good part underneath the rope to place in the pot, to give it stability, iykwim. Glue on tiny branches in between to get a nicer shape if needed.
  • glue beginning of rope and wind it tightly around tree part and glue on. Glue on ribbons at the top.
  • place tree in flowerpot and stuff the pot with wet newspaper up to an inch under the rim of the pot, squeeze as much water out of the newspaper as possible, you don't want it too wet. 
  • Cut loads of leaves out of ribbon or pieces of fabric and glue them on.
  • cover the wet newspaper with a piece of felt, tiny white stones, Easter eggs. Whatever you fancy!

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